Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bike travels

Honda 1300cc practice bike

Been a while since I posted.
Spent a few months over in the seattle area with Mom and other than continuing to fellowship with the Tacoma Gypsy Church ( and continue on some of my online ministry it has been pretty boring last few months Until I got over to Elk, wa 350 from seattle and back with The Lord's Ranch ministry (
I have property on the other side of town and in Spokane County. the way the building codes and other red tape is over there it has been difficult for me to do much as I dont have the money to develop. I did run a Rehab ministry for those that were kicked out of every other rehab ministry with no power, no running water, and no permanent structures for a few years before I went on the mission field. Now it is time to sell though I have had enough aggravation. my hope is to move to bonner county Idaho. the land of the cheap outhouse permit and only a permit for the location of your building (I  guess to determine if it is to close to the property line). the preparations to sell my place and but the next are underway. Perhaps in the near future we will have a missions training center or something interesting on the new place (still praying).
   Mean while I have been blessed with 1st the use of the above honda 1300cc V twin monster to go practice on, and later a honda 750 shadow. The new bike seems to get very good mileage and it is my hope this will increase my ability to get around the country and visit friends in churches around the USA.

Honda shadow 750cc, shaft drive water cooled
I am now looking at what is needed to get all my gear onto the bike. perhaps A trailer, perhaps I will make custom saddlebags (I have all my leather sewing gear and grommet kit with me)
Now that I am back in the U.S. I am doing what I can to get mobile and useful again.
 For those reading this from outside the USA you need to understand that often it is needed to travel many miles to get to a store to buy food. where I currently am the nearest supermarket is 35 miles away. All of the USA is not in cities like on TV, most of our country is rural towns with lots of open space (look at the satellite pics on google maps there are a lot of corn and wheat field here).
With gas prices going up the nissan 4x4 was far to expensive to run and was keeping me from direct human interaction outside of the computer. anyway enough of the details of my re-equipping for stateside ministry.
   I have been praying about doing a regular 10 minute YouTube show every week. I am working out the particulars, but I am thinking the combination of survival skills, computer and communications tech in harsh and primitive conditions and alternate power, combined with mission field application holds a bit of promise. I have also considered doing some expository teaching of the word on video, but there is no lack of this already on the web done by others more skilled than myself. I am still trying to work out the format. I would like to tie the physical need and solution to biblical principle. as an example Paul was able to encourage and administrate many church details while in prison. He used the modern technology of the day to do this.
   You might be asking what modern tech did the apostle Paul have way back then. The Roman road system and postal mail. these did not exist in any real way until this time in history and Paul used letters to churches as the way to bring the living word of God to places far and wide. 
  today we can bluetooth a bible in almost any language to a persons smart phone. we can show videos from the web. we can pass around MP3s via multi media messages, we can twitter the location of impromptu house worship meetings, the list goes on. all these technologies can be used to equip the saints for evangelism.
   When going to places that are underdeveloped or under persecution it is amazing what you can do if you are able to get bibles and teaching materials in electronic form. there are now micro sd cards that can hold a couple of gigs of information (thats easily a couple of 2 hour movies and a few different text bibles and lexicons) micro sd fits in many phones and is paper thin and less than a 1/2 inch square. Easy to conceal materials can be smuggled into harsh places. much easier to conceal a micro sd card than a hard bound KJV family bible.
   often when on these missions it is needed to purify water, run for your life to escape capture from Muslim extremists, or simply hack through jungle to find the remote tribe that has never heard the gospel.
on all these missions it is helpful not only too have a sound biblical knowledge and solid faith, but it can be helpfull to have a few helpful hints on how to run the technology and survive in a totaly unfamiliar enviroment than you are accusomed to.
   The difficult bit for me will be getting a good format that allows enough time for the physical aspects without neglecting the spiritual principals. 10 minutes is a short time for a preacher, and you tube does not give me a lot of wiggle room.
  I am also battleing with lighting. outside the video looks awesome but the sound is horrible because of the wind. Inside the sound is great but I seem not to be able to get the lighting just right..... anyway this is what has occupied my attention for the last month. Preparation for the next thing, not very exciting but needed. I hope to post more often now that I am in a better environment, but lord only knows.
Till next time.....
Yours in Christ,
Donald C Phinney II

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