Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

Love of the world and things of this world (money, jets, cars, etc) is evidence Gods love is not in a person (1 john 2:15).
Teaching others that following after and seeking wealth is a good way to end up on the wrong side of judgment day especially if you are a teacher or pastor as per James 3:1 and Luke 17:2
Christ did not die for us so we can continue in our sin but that we would be delivered of it. 
The 1st message Christ preached was "repent for the kingdom of God is at hand".
If you can go to a church and never feel any conviction over the sin in your life your listening to meat puppets controlled by demons. 
Consider how you become aware and self conscious of your outward appearance when your the only one wearing jeans and a T shirt at a formal wedding reception, how can you then not be aware of your sin when standing before a perfect and holy God? 
Jeans may be comfortable when your alone or with others in casual dress, just as sin is comfortable when you are alone around others still living in theirs.
If you are near God and/or God is living in you it is impossible to be comfortable to be in your sin, not because God condemns you but because you can not help but be aware of it when you are in the presence of perfect love and perfection himself. 
The very fact that he forgives us when we come to him in all our sin should convict us to repent of it.
If I said i got hit by a train and there was no mark on me you would call me a liar. 
Yet I hear supposed pastors preach all the time they have a personal relationship with Christ and still love the things of this world and teach others to name it and claim it (or blab it and grab it)so they can have their "best life now".
News Flash.... The only way you can have your best life now is if your next life is in hell. Repent!!!!
Jesus Loves you even now in your sin, once you acknowledge him as your Lord and fully commit to give your life to him completely and put aside your fleshly desires to follow after him  (which is what he commands) he promises none can snatch you from his hand. 
If your deluded into thinking that raising your hand at a evangelistic message when asked "do you want Jesus in your heart?" will somehow give you fire insurance while you continue to chase after things of this world I hate to be the one to break it to you but you need to repent and get saved.
 Jesus never told anyone they would be saved by reciting any magic formula or prayer, He did tell everyone to repent and follow him.
It's not a popular message, Jesus did not "coexist" very well with others, he called his top disciple Satan when he was acting on false belief that concerns of this world come first.
 His message was even more unpopular with those that professed to be waiting for him and teaching his word that they organized a lynch mob,hunted him down and got him killed.
   I know the false doctrines are easy on the ears but that way leads to hell. 
Turn from those like Osteen, Duplantis, Copeland and others who promote the idea that worldly wealth  is a measure of holiness or faith rather follow Jesus the very unflashy poor carpenter from Galilee that had no place to rest his head
Remember we are praying to God who came to us as an unmarried homeless man, be wary of doctrines that claim lack of wealth is lack of faith, or encourage you toward earthly riches rather than towards contentment with what God has already given you.

I think Romans 12 said it best in verses 1 and 2;