Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11

Today (sept 11) is the birthday of Iron Felix (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Felix_Dzerzhinsky).
The man who is responsible for the founding of the Cheka later called the KGB (The Russian version of homeland security and TSA). He was instrumental in the Red Terror
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Terror) which was russia's version of our 2012 NDAA (http://goo.gl/SzLKz) that had the government rounding up citizens without trial for indefinite detention.
Of course the "Red Terror" was a response to the earlier "White Terror" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Terror_(Russia)).
And by the time all the terrors were done so was any shred of freedom of the Russian people.
Here in the US we were terrified by Drugs so we gave police the ability to knock down our doors  with no knock warrants  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No-knock_warrant) the FBI access to all our telephone switching stations and other govt agencies both permission and funding to monitor almost every part of our lives (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ECHELON).
Of course this was not enough and eventually the people were not afraid enough of the drug dealer boogie man so another had to be created. "The Terrorist" So on September 11 2011 some planes crashed into buildings without being stopped by any of our numerous counter measures and air force bases bristling up and down the east coast setup to stop everything from planes to missiles. The whole incident was so suspicious that theories ranging to the government deliberatly ignoring the threat to directly participating in the events still circulate even amoung the non paranoid mentally ballanced portion of our community
 In response to Sept 11 we created our own KGB and started systematically taking away the rights of every american and ignoring our own constitution. Beginning with "The Patriot Act" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patriot_Act) which was sent to congress to be passed the night before they were to vote on it and then voted in the next day by both democrat and republican alike. A bill that is thicker than many phone books written in legal language which even the brightest trial lawyer could not read and understand in under a week delivered to congress and passed in under 24 hours. This one bill allowed for warrantless searches and wiretaps as well as a slew of other violations of our civil liberties, but of course this was not enough. There needed to be a way to get people used to the Idea of even the most intrusive searches so we now have the TSA to grope and xray us every time someone gets on a plane and recently they are beginning to show up at bus and train stations to further violate our rights.
      This year we get even more legislation to "protect us" from "Terror" the 2012 NDAA (http://goo.gl/SzLKz) now allows for police and military to round up citizens of the USA without trial, without giving them the ability to even call a lawyer and make them disappear to a detention camp for an indefinite amount of time. Some of the language of this bill even allows for the murder of these same US citizens that were never given a trial or convicted of any crime.
      Right on the heels of removing the right to fair and speedy trial, right to be secure in our persons and the rest that was ripped from us finally they passed H.R. 347 (http://goo.gl/J8kd6) which takes away our right to complain about how our elected representatives are treating us by removing our 1st amendment right to peaceable assemble and petition our government (http://goo.gl/hyw8)
     So when people tell me how important it is to remember September 11th 2001 as an argument for why we should succumb to terror, destroy our freedom and become like Stalin's Russia I often think perhaps we should 1st remember September 11 1877 and the birth of the man responsible for turning Russia into the very form of government we are headed for when we allow ourselves to be driven by "Red Terror", "White Terror", "Terrorists" or any other form of terror that those at the top try to use to make us give up our rights and freedom.
Militarised police on our streets I find a lot more disturbing than Islamic crazies crashing planes into our buildings. Islam and it's cycle of violence has existed for a long time the answer is not to enforce martial  law on our own citizens, or revert back to the oppressive form of government our founding fathers drafted our constitution to avoid. More freedom to the people, not less is the answer to dealing with "Terror" both domestic and foreign. Our founding fathers knew this and for most of our history free men have defended our rights making us one of the best countries in the world. We were not only one of the wealthiest, but people from all over the world would come he in hopes of the type of success and freedom not found in any other country on the globe. What we have now would make our founding fathers along with many of our veterans who have fought and died to protect and defend our constitution hang their heads in shame at what we have become in spite of all their best efforts. When we trade freedom for security and private enterprise for socialism you end up with Stalin or Mao. Below is a humorous, but better solution to terror than fondling the genitals of children at the airport when you are through giggling at the satire of the videos please remember the main theme before you enter the voting booth and from the choices given vote for the candidate that will best protect and defend the constitution and your rights.