Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Stateside Fun

Hello all,
I have not been posting a lot as now that I am in the states I am around a lot more English speaking people and often with ringing phones, instant messengers and people in the room with me it is often hard to focus. 
I have started to do some remodel on my website and got a new provider so I can offer more. One of those things is now I have a secure webproxy up for my friends in china and in other parts of the world where access to Christian resources on the web are not available.
 I will eventual work on the menu system on my main site so it is easier to find things. I have also put up a new blog just for the holidays it is at;

I have also been working on providing resources to the Gypsy community here in the USA and trying to develop resources for use overseas with the gypsy people as well. 
this is the site we are developing as well as a 24/7 prayer,praise and teaching online ministry on paltalk. I am also getting the bible in the gypsy language in mp3 format up on the web for the 1st time on this site. right now there is the book of Mathew sampled in from tape. to date this is the only audio book of the bible in this language. It is my hope in the near future I will be able to get more of the New testament read and recorded in the Rom (gypsy language). as well as a start on translating the old testament books.
     I am now at my Mom's house north of Seattle and attending the GGCC Church in Tacoma when transportation allows. I have been feeling a little out of place after having all my church services in a language other than English. this church is nice in that the service in basically in English with a lot of Romenez thrown in.
    My mom's husband (my step dad) died when i was on the mission field and my mother has not been handling it well. Since I have arrived it seems to be helping her. I think it may be wise for me to stay around the area for a while. with shorter term trips for missions. I think I am not able to go to the other side of the planet for 2 years at a time right now. So I have been trying to recalibrate and be find other ways to be more effective while still being there for her (it is even a commandment in exodus).
    Holidays are alway difficult for those that have recently lost loved ones. There is a lot of emotional baggage with this time of year. Often we see prior years through rose colored glasses. When the current year does not measure up and family are not present it can be a hard time.
    While I myself am not a big fan of the pagan holiday of Christmas, my heart goes out to those that are impacted by it. It is a hard time of year. It is good that at least the world give a token tip of the hat in the direction of Christ, and that there is some mention of God to offset the excessive materialism and stress.
    Well I could and have in the past go on about the tragedy of this subject. I made a separate blog just for that so I can keep the illogical and emotional debate separate from my main site. Most who know me know where I stand on any subject involving Tradition vs Scripture. I think Luther started a good thing and that the Bible is to be before any tradition or ways of man or institutionalized church.
   Anyway I digress. I hope to be posting more after this time and I hope to have ministry opportunities for many available soon. There will be a need to edit and clean up recordings of the bible and help to spread God's word to the 4 corners of the earth. I am excited about this ministry with the gypsies as it is one of the few people groups found everywhere and with the same language that has no full bible in their own language yet. there is a big opportunity here for the Gospel.
   I am also looking forward to eventualy doing a trip to China but as of yet funds are not available for it. As I hear all the time from Adrian Simila in Spokane "God's Will = God's Bill" so I figure the money to go will show up when it is time to go as it did with every other trip God sent me to.
I may do a bit of domestic travel and visit some of the churches that have been praying for me when i was in harms way or in desperate need of help. I also have made a lot of friends online when i was traveling and it would be good to put a face to the voice and name.
    I have all the equipment for travel now so it should be cheap enough to hitch hike, or catch a bus here and there. I am hoping I will be going to Virginia to the big conference   I had a word of knowledge and actually saw a vision of this happening a few months ago and told a few of the organizers about it. it will be fun to see how it works out. I am being flown out to attend and possibly speak (never know these things in advance).
   It is interesting that I get put on the radio from time to time as well. Last time it was via telephone at 6am on a Sunday in my Mom's basement and I had to monologue to dead silence for 45 minutes. It was challenging. Praise God my friend Funkie got online at the end to help out.
   Well I think that is long enough to ramble for one post......
I hope you all like the new format now that I have moved off of MySpace Blog and onto this new format that allows for more flexability on posting links (myspace would filter a lot of them) and i think a little nicer type face and background.
There is also a comments area below that will let you comment if you have a login name on many of the common public e-mail addresses (yahoo,msn, google, etc) and there is a way to subscribe on the right so  it will send the new blog posts and/or comments to your e-mail if you wish.
   Hang in there it gets easier in January when the dust settles. Know you are loved by a all powerful creator of heaven and earth.......
Yours in Christ,
Donald C Phinney II


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S. Etole said...

Enjoyed reading your update. Blessings of peace and joy as you head into a new year.